Focus on building a successful business while we take care of all your
technology needs

Poor connectivity, outdated software, and other tech issues can add a ton of hassle to an already stressful day. Ion-IT service plans fix all of those and give you a team of experts proactively managing your IT systems so your business is always up and running. We ensure that your networks, servers, and workstations are running optimally and securely every minute to prevent costly downtimes.

As your technology partner, we take the time to understand your business and implement solutions that are designed to improve the way you operate. So not only will you be certain that your technology can be relied on, but you’ll also work confidently knowing that you are equipped with the latest productivity, cloud, and cybersecurity solutions. In this way, you’ll get an edge over any competition.

Our all-inclusive Ion-IT service plans include:

  • Monitoring & Management – we resolve issues before they become major problems and manage your computing resources for better efficiency and minimal downtime
  • Network Security – we implement advanced cybersecurity tools against malicious online threats and deploy patches and security updates as soon as they’re released
  • Strategic IT Planning – we ensure that you have fast, reliable, and cutting-edge technology, enabling you to deliver outstanding services today and in the future
  • 24x7 Support – we provide unlimited and fast remote support as well as emergency onsite support